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School Site Council (SSC)

The School Site Council (SSC) is comprised of parents, teachers, classified staff and the principal. The SSC shall prepare the School Plan of Studnet Achievement (SPSA) and make decisions on budgetary matters as per the California Ed. code. The SSC makes informed decisions taking the recommendations of the ELAC and other stakeholders.  


 2022-2023 SSC Members and Officers

Van Deene recently held the SSC parent elections congratulations to our new members



  • Chairperson/Presidente: Dreger

  • Vice- Chairperson/Vice Presidente: Avalos 

  • Secretary/Secretaria: Turvey 

  • Parliamentarian/Parlamentaria: Yanez 

 Important Reminder: 


Dear Van Deene Families,
Please make sure to read both our Parent and Family Engagement Policy and School-Compact below.

Estimadas familias de Van Deene,
Asegúrese de leer nuestra Póliza de Involucramiento de Padres a continuación.



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